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Sit Down With The Owners

Individualized floor plan meeting with Todd and Autumn

On-site interior selections meeting with Peg

As people begin the process of building their dream home, they are often halted at the initial steps because they are not sure how to proceed.   With Morris Wood Enterprises, LLC this step is as simple as visiting over a cup of coffee. From the very first interaction, our clients are meeting with an owner of the company. We have a causal office that is open daily, where people are welcome to stop in and see our properties or visit with one of the partners. We are a powerful and talented company with every angle of construction handled by one of the four owners. We have a dedicated, in house real estate agent, an on-site drafting consultant, land development and survey professional and a devoted construction coordinator. Our goal is to build your home….but it is also to continue to build our reputation of being a reliable, honest, accountable, customer focused, accessible builder.

When you choose Morris Wood Enterprises, LLC as your builder, you will receive attentive and honest service from the owners of the company. We will guide you through the process of developing a floor plan in the comfort of our office and provide options and advice for you to consider based on your goals for living in your new home. Our assistance with drafting an existing floor plan or creating an entirely custom home is part of the services we include when you choose Morris Wood Enterprises, LLC as your builder.

A clearly worded, easy to understand bid will be assembled for your review and consideration. Once the structural floor plan has been approved by the client, we will begin the interior selections process. This process is also simplified and very often can be completed from the comfort of our office. Clients most often start with a “wish list” of interior options at their initial meeting. A simple spreadsheet is organized for the client’s review and after consideration, can be modified or approved for ordering. All pricing is clearly stated and is our commitment to helping a client build their home with a conscientious budget.

Customizing your floor plan

No matter what you intend to build…..a fully custom single family home plan, free standing single condo or a traditional multi-family condo, we can help you turn a floor plan into your dream home. We can make simple modification such as adding a four seasons room or making doorways 36” wide. Our on-site drafting team will offer thoughtful advice and insight on the goals expressed by each client. With our condo opportunities in particular, we are happy to consider the option to build an entirely custom floor plan. No matter what your intentions, this is a service that we offer free of charge when you build with Morris Wood Enterprises, LLC.

Considering a condo lifestyle?

If a client is looking to simplify life by finding a condo that fits their needs, we can review our variety of floor plans and neighborhoods. We are also happy to create a custom condo floor plan within one of our various condo developments. We can help to answer questions about condo ownership, party wall construction, covenant regulations and lending options. Having sold over 780 condos in 17 separate neighborhoods, we have extensive knowledge of the market and the client feedback that has made us a responsive builder who has led the market for the majority of the last decade.

Building a single family home

When considering the construction of a single family home, we are happy to help the client consider lots within the various single family neighborhoods we have developed. In addition, we will help a client determine the assets and drawbacks of a lot that is not in our neighborhood and determine if the potential floorplan is suitable for that location. We are happy to draft a custom floor plan as a part of our package when you choose to build with Morris Wood Enterprises, LLC. We have various approaches when bidding a single family home, each suited to the particular needs of that client.

Commercial Projects

Morris Wood Enterprises, LLC has been trusted in the construction of various commercial projects in the Marion/Cedar Rapids area and is currently developing additional commercial land tracts in the trending north edge of Marion. Our attention to detail and commitment to partnering with qualified sub- contractors has proven to be effective when completing a commercial project.